This is what I can help you with

Brand Analysis

The strenght of your brand is best proven when it comes to a dispute. Brand analysis is designed for those who want to verify the strength of their brand before something goes wrong.

Trademark Registration

Trademark registration is not about filling out a single form. The trademark is just as good as the work that was done during preparation. Therefore, before filing an application:

  • we check to see whether it complies with law
  • we define together the list of goods and services
  • we determine the territory of your brand protection
  • we carry out a search
  • and only when everything has turned out well, we file an application.

Monitoring of Collision Applications

No more stress about your brand protection. Regular monitoring of trademark applications is the best way to keep you informed about all applications that might go against your grain.

Trademark Use Setup Process

Without a well-defined use of the trademark, you may lose it at any time. I teach my clients to use the trademark and document its use so that the trademark is not objectionable. If you underestimate this, you will soon lose all disputes over the brand you may come into, and totally unnecessarily.

Contracts Associated with Trademarks

Logo Design Contract Agreement, Trademark License Agreement, Trademark Transfer Agreement - these are the most common types of contracts that I process




Other services that might prove to be useful:

Consultations over the Brand Name

When you select a new brand and you want to be sure that it will work not only for marketing purposes but also legally, involve me in the brand selection process, and I will lead you. It is not easy, but it is worth it.

Verification of the Originality of Logo

Do you have a logo and you think you own it? It depends on how you treat your relationship with the actual logo/graphic designer. The reality of the current graphics market is that the work (the whole logo or its part) is often borrowed from other people. And if this happens to your logo, you cannot say you own it. That's why I offer the logo origin verification carried out by a specialized graphic designer.